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We know how important your clients are to you. You are as important to us! We provide excellent customer service to you and your clients. We do so by asking the right questions to determine the appropriate solution. We adapt to your Company’s practices and procedures in order to make the entire process seamless.

We provide quality service that will ensure that the retirement plan is in compliance with tax laws, IRS regulations, and ERISA reporting and disclosure requirements.

Are you prepared for the upcoming document restatements?

It’s that time again…RESTATEMENT.  April 30, 2020 is the deadline to adopt a pre-approved 403(b) newly released IRS pre-approved plan.    By adopting the 403(b) pre-approved plan, the plan may be able to meet compliance with IRS document requirements back to 2009. Don’t miss this opportunity to state or refresh the plan document to keep the plan in compliance!

January 1, 2023 is the next deadline to adopt an IRS pre-approved defined contribution plan, once the restatement is approved and available by the IRS.

Our experienced retirement professionals are ready to help you with your restatements.   We have vast experience with retirement plan software providers and will assist you with your restatements in a timely, efficient manner.

Looking for ways to improve efficiencies in plan administration?

We are here to help!  We provide consultation in ways to improve efficiency and accuracy of how your company does administration. Contact us for a free consultation.

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